Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

CPS parents are our most important partners in promoting the development of our students and reinforcing lessons learned in the classroom. We are dedicated to providing CPS parents with the resources they need to maintain happy and healthy home lives.

Parent University

Designed with the understanding that parents and communities are critical components of every child’s education, Parent University offers classes and resources to help CPS parents stay up to speed with the cutting-edge education their children are receiving in school.

Since the launch of Parents University in 2015, the program has grown from five sites to 14, one for every elementary school network. Each classroom is equipped with a computer lab, parent resource room, office area, and activity room. Parent University courses include Common Core, GED, ESL, Microsoft Office Suite, financial literacy, and career-building.

To date, Parent University has enriched the lives or more than 3,000 CPS parents.

Parent University partners include Microsoft, World Vision, Digital Youth Network, City Colleges of Chicago, Build Organization, City of Chicago, Northwestern University, The Chicago Community Trust and MacArthur Foundation. Thank you!

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