Culturally-Relevant Books

Culturally-Relevant Books

61% of low-income families do not own any children’s books

90% of students rely on school as their primary source of books

With schools closed, and CPS encouraging independent reading as a key component of remote learning, it is more important than ever to get books in the hands of CPS families. Multicultural books are a powerful tool for students to see reflections of their own culture and learn about others’.

There is a substantial body of research that demonstrates how culturally relevant texts can not only foster students’ interest and engagement in reading, but can also support the development of reading and writing skills, including foundational reading skills and deep-level comprehension abilities. Studies also show programs that build home libraries help improve students’ performance and attitudes toward reading.

The cost is approximately $35 for a pack of 4-10 new, quality, books. The CPS Department of Literacy will curate culturally-relevant texts. Curated book packs will be distributed to CPS families at meal distribution school sites across Chicago.

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