Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report

Last year, Children First Fund embarked on a journey to release its first ever annual report. We are proud of the results and invite you to explore the inspiring stories in its pages.

I firmly believe the new CFF will help further our mission for equitable outcomes for students and allow us to build a trusting and transparent relationship with the many generous partners who are eager to support our students.

Janice K. Jackson EdDChief Executive Officer of Chicago Public Schools

CME Group Foundation considers Children First Fund an important partner in our work of empowering future generations through education, equipping today’s students to meet tomorrow’s challenges. The Children First Fund team helps us find the best ways to work with Chicago Public Schools in achieving our shared mission.

Kassie DavisExecutive Director of the CME Group Foundation

The Children First Fund’s mission is to promote the growth and success of Chicago Public Schools through philanthropy and partnerships. I believe that is powerful because it takes all of us —you, me, businesses, churches, philanthropy— a whole ecosystem of supports to build a healthier ecosystem for Chicago’s young people.

Liz DozierChief Executive Officer and Founder of Chicago Beyond